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Prof. Dr. Eric Van Cutsem, UZ Leuven
Current treatment landscape with anti-PD-1 therapy for advanced esophageal cancer
Prof. Dr. Marc Van den Eynde, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels
20:00 GI immune related adverse events management with anti-PD-1 therapy
Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters, UZ Antwerpen
20:30 CPS testing in esophageal cancer
Dr. Vasiliki Siozopoulou, UZ Antwerpen
20h40 Q&A session
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Eric Van Cutsem, UZ Leuven
21:10 Closing

In collaboration with

MSD Belgium SRL / BV
Clos du Lynx, 5, Lynx Binnernhof - Bruxelles 1200 Brussel


UZ: Universitair Ziekenhuis
PD-1: Programmed death ligand 1
CPS: Combined Positive Score
Q&A: Questions and answers
Date of last revision: 08/2021

Shooting date : 2021-10-11
Last update : 2021-10-25


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