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About us.

Oncostream, The first e-learning center for surgical oncology interventions


The first e-learning center for surgical oncology interventions

Surgical oncology encompasses a variety of procedures .

All of the techniques and devices used are extremely specialized; they require particular skills that can directly impact on the outcome of the treatment.

Oncostream is an Internet TV channel for medical e-learning featuring live and recorded operative techniques, based on Streaming technology. We offer a multidisciplinary alternative to education and skills improvement, for surgical oncologists and their technical staff.

Our faculty and guests share their knowledge and expertise via documented HD videos to help you understand the procedures, use the devices, assess the immediate results, and prevent or avoid pitfalls. All the steps of the procedures are explained, including screening, selection and preparation of the patients, device preparation and delivery, anesthesia, medication, tips and tricks, and a lot more.

To view, to learn, to exchange

Our videos are accessible either from the oncostream video library or from the oncostream live broadcast sessions, which take place several times per year. The cases we present address one or more of the challenges that you may be facing in your daily practice and are complemented by interactive tool boxes. Interventional protocols, check-lists, selection of the material, challenging accesses, management of complications... Oncostream offers all you need to know to be prepared for oncological interventions!

However, medical teaching and practice also relies on sharing each other's experiences. Oncostream allows you to interact directly with the oncostream faculty and guests. Either during the live sessions where you can ask your questions and chat, or on the occasion of specific on-demand teaching programs. We invite you to join the oncostream community to fully take advantage of the oncostream networking capabilities and collaborative platform.

Discover all the benefits you can get from the oncostream community and join us for our next live session.

We hope you and your patients will benefit from oncostream.
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